Rutherford Holiday Package
Rutherford Holiday Package

Rutherford Holiday Package

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***PLEASE READ*** Only ONE Holiday Package OR Niadul Pin purchase per person for the first 30 minutes please!!****


The Holiday Packages will include:

  • Mrs. Rutherford’s famous pumpkin cookies
  • An enamel mug featuring a specially made pattern with Rutherford designs from the past and present. (You can choose between one or two mugs)
  • One Blind-Bagged Niadul the Arcane limited-edition enamel pin
  • A small written piece by Rutherford
  • A hand written thank-you note

All wrapped-up in a special Holiday presentation!

Niadul the Arcane Limited Editions are:

Solar Storm: LE 150, Features Satin Gold metal and partial red glow

Veil: Edition of 75, Features Rainbow metal, epoxy and a complex combination of white and blue glows

Relic: Edition of 30, Features Antique gold metal, epoxy, glitter, and a combination of red and white glows


Each pin has an embossed back pattern, laser etched variant names and edition number, and enamel fill in the description of the piece

Size: Almost 4” wide with four posts