Orpheus - Limited Edition Pin, Blind Bag
Orpheus - Limited Edition Pin, Blind Bag
Orpheus - Limited Edition Pin, Blind Bag
Orpheus - Limited Edition Pin, Blind Bag

Orpheus - Limited Edition Pin, Blind Bag

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****ONE PER PERSON FOR THE FIRST 30 MINUTES AFTER DROP - If there are still some left after that amount of time, you can go for extras****


Artwork Description

The spirit of Orpheus, legendary Greek poet, musician, and prophet reside within this design. 2020 has been an interesting year to say the very least, especially in the world of live music. We may not have had our beloved concerts and festivals this year, but many of us have relied on the arts in other ways to carry us through these difficult and strange times. How lucky and wonderful it is to be carried away to a new state of being through a song, book, movie or visual artwork! To feel an artist’s work, and know you’ve met a friend. Those works that speak to us, that tell us something we may have felt deep down but never seen in such a way, they can inspire us to create and explore and think even when so much of the world is turned on its head.

You may see on the back of this pin it says “BB V4” This work was originally created as an honorary Bisco Beetle in its fourth iteration, but the fact that there’s no music this year got me thinking about the value of art and community in general. It’s truly pretty incredible how despite all the turmoil and uncertainty, we’re still able to come together here in the digital world to enjoy art and each other’s company. We may not have the big sound, lights, and crowd, but these little art experiences and feeling connected with good people can prove just as rewarding.


Size: 2.4” tall

Limited Editions:

“Spark” Limited Edition of 125, Satin Gold Metal featuring partial red glow on the wings. This variant had to be remade, so there’s 125 slightly blemished variants we may drop at a later date.

“Vibrato” Limited Edition of 75, Rainbow Anodized Metal featuring glitter and partial green glow.

“Allegro” Limited Edition of 30, Copper Metal featuring partial glitter and partial blue glow.

Other Features:

  • Unique back design featuring name of piece, year, and Rutherford mark
  • Four posts with clear backers


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