Necromancer Enamel Pin - Aeris Variant

Necromancer Enamel Pin - Aeris Variant

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Limited Edition of 100 Necromancer "Aeris" variant enamel pin

Satin copper with partial glitter and white glow

epoxy coating

2D soft enamel

Size: 2.5” tall

5 posts

Rutherford mark, year, name of piece, variant name, and limited edition number on back


A Necromancer is a truly powerful conjurer. For they not only must understand the world of the living, but also that of the dead. They must face the greatest fear of all, the fear of death, and embrace that fear to learn to control it. They must confront the quandaries and oddities of consciousness, the mind, and what gives the force of life itself. A necromancer must constantly grapple with the morals of what they do, why they do it, and to what end do they seek with their potent skill. It is a school of conjuring only the most rigorous can undertake. To meet a master of necromancy, is to meet an incredible mind indeed!