Chronoculus - Limited Edition Enamel Pin

Chronoculus - Limited Edition Enamel Pin

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These will be blind-bagged, meaning you will get a random variant from the 3

One per person please for the first 10 minutes after drop time

Chronoculus - A combination between the words Chrono and Oculus, meaning “Time Window” hopes to encapsulate the moments of life where immersion in the present takes hold, and the worries of the past or future fade away. Full involvement and enjoyment in the activity at hand allows you to connect your inner self to the outer world. These types of activities can be individually experienced, or in harmony with others such as at festivals. “Tempus it Unum” or Time as One inscribed on the back, hopes to encompass this feeling of connection with the present, with yourself, and with others.

Limited Editions for the Chronoculus:

“Reverie” - Limited Edition of 150 - Satin Copper metal with red glow

“Elation” - Limited Edition of 75 - Satin Rainbow metal with glitter and blue glow

“Epoch” - Limited Edition of 30 - ***New Metal!*** Magenta anodized metal with glitter and white glow


Size - 2.5” Tall


Year of creation, variant name, limited edition number, name of piece, and artist mark on back